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Booking Policy

Please give a 24 hour cancellation notice. Deposits are non refundable but can be applied to a reschedule. One reschedule is allowed, after that, deposit is null and void. By booking, I understand that maintenance is required to keep the lashes/brows looking thick and full and shaped and I am aware that I will be charged an additional fee for any scheduled refills, removals, new sets, any other services provided. I have read and understood the above mentioned and realize I am responsible for the general care of my lash extensions, brows or any other service provided. I agree to pay in full for all requested services fulfilled and or provided. PATCH TEST PROCEDURE – I am aware that it is recommended for a patch test to be completed 48 hours prior to my full treatment. I agree to allow The Details Courtesy Of Li and their representatives to perform any requested service, and release The Details Courtesy Of Li from any legal claims, demands, damages or action and cause of action rising out of the service provided. I understand that any representatives are not liable. I consent to my video/photograph being taken and used for use by The Details Courtesy of Li and representatives.