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A Funny Conversation About Lash Extensions

Potential Client: Hi, I want to get lash extensions, but I have a few questions.✨

Me: Hey girl! Ask away!✨

Potential Client: Trust me the same!!!

But i was interested in getting them done but i had them a few years ago and i HATED THEM and literally was tryin to take em off after a couple of hours. Like they were big and irritated my eyes

I didn't know if that was common or maybe i didn't go to a good place

And they were hard too i didn't know of all lashes are like that✨

Me: That's not common.. did you go to the nail salon? Lol, I'm asking because I went there one time and they used cluster lashes and HAIR glue and I had to try to oil them off, pulled out half my lashes with them

Individual lash extensions are not like that lol, they're barely noticeable as far as weight goes

And they shouldn't be stuff or hard ✨

Potential Client: I think it was lash clusters, and it wad some nail shop at the landing 😂😂😂 it was awful like i could barely see!

I wanna do it again but if they are super stiff and irritating i dont want to. Like i just want an enhanced look nothing to dramatic.and not stiff lashes either jus didnt know if you had anything like that lol✨

Me: How did I know?! 🤣🤣 ✨

Moral of the story.. nail salons are for nails! 🤣🤣🥰

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