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Classic, Hybrid, Volume. You've Got Options, Baby.

Are you looking for that everyday, Get-Up-And-Go, natural look? Or are you seeking a more glam,💁🏽‍♀️ I-Woke-Up-Like-This? Maybe something in between? You might even be reading this wondering, 👀 WHAT the HECK are lash extensions?!

Firstly, Lash Extensions are semi-permanent lash extensions.. yes LASH EXTENSIONS. Like hair extensions, but for your lashes! Lash extensions are a synthetic material created to look like natural eyelashes, being a bit thicker at the base and thinner at the tip. These Lash Extenions come in different curls, lengths, and widths. Some being, elliptical or flat. Lash Extensions are glued to a single natural lash using a special adhesive.

In the case of Classic Lash Extensions, the ratio of Lash Extensions to natural lash is 1:1, meaning one lash extension per one natural lash. This will result in a more natural looking eye. I would recommend Classic for any of my newbies who may not be sure where to start! You'll fall in LOVE 😍! Also for anyone with thinner, frail lashes, this is perfect for you!

In the case of Volume Lash Extensions, the ratio of Lash Extensions to natural lash can be anywhere from 2-10:1, meaning anywhere from two lash extensions up to ten lash extensions per one natural lash. This will result in a very dramatic strip lash-like looking eye. This is perfect for anyone wanting an almost permanent strip lash look! Volume is also good for anyone with sparse lashes, this adds volume to the lash line.

Now you might be thinking, wait a minute! What about Hybrid?! Well, Hybrid Lash Extensions (which is my personal fave) is a MIX between Classic and Volume! Some of the lashes will be on a 1:1 ratio, and some will be on a 2-10:1 ratio mixed throughout the eye to create a very cute wispy strip lash-like eye look.

Everyone's natural lashes are different! Results may vary and bi-weekly maintenance is recommended!

Guaranteed, with ANY of these lash styles, you won't WISH for mascara! Wake up no makeup day, STILL look gorgeous!

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