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Lash Care Tips and Tricks for the Best Looking Lash Extensions


Have you ever gotten lash extensions and they just didn't last? Or maybe they didn't look very good after a short period of time. Maybe you and your friend got lashes together, and hers look bomb! But yours look kinda... blah? Read along, I'm going to give you just a few possible reasons and a few Lash Tips to help you fix that.


Lash Extensions should last on average 2 weeks before you'd want or need to get a fill. Fills allow your lashes to remain full. Getting fills biweekly saves you money, as waiting a little bit longer could result in paying for a full set. This is because like your natural lashes, Lash Extensions shed. They fall out with your natural lashes in the Natural Lash Growth Cycle. Your lashes could be falling out for other reasons; Improper attachment, improper maintenance, interrupting the lash adhesive bonding process, improper use of glue, lash extension weighing down natural lash, and several other reasons. Keep reading for tips on how to fix it.


Improper Attachment?

If you're a client, I'd recommend going to a more experienced Lash Artist! If you're a Lash Artist, I'd work on my craft! No shade! It's incredibly important to make sure you know what you're doing before you start taking clients! You want to make sure your clients are happy! You want to BUILD your clientele, not run them off! They are not practice dummies! That's what the mannequin head is for. Make sure you have selected the right curl for the client's lashes. Lashes come in different curls: J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, O and the list goes on! Sometimes it can get confusing. Learn about the different curls and go from there. The most common curls are C and D, but its always good to have some J or B curls on hand. Lashes also come in different lengths and sizes. Selecting the proper size for your client is important to make sure you don't cause any natural lash damage.

Another reason for improper attachment is lash cluster, which is due to improper isolation. This an happen when the adhesive hasn't completely dried, and it will grab on to a natural lash or a lash extension. Sometimes its a little more difficult to see the tiny hairs, but its important to make sure those don't attach to the extension This could cause irritation to the client's eyes, and even damage their natural lashes. Having good poster, hand grip and tool handling can help with this! Another important factor in isolation is the tweezer you use. Make sure you are comfortable with the tools you choose. Tweezers come in different shapes and sizes and have different uses.

Maybe it took you a little too long to get the lash attached? Sometimes the lash extension will still technically stick to the natural lash, but depending on your glue's dry time, the temperature and humidity in the room and other factors, may cause the glue to partially dry before attachment. This means that the glue has dried before the lash extension hit the attachment points on the natural lash, causing the lash to catch and tangle.


Improper Maintenance?

Did you know, it's up to you to make your lashes last? Did you avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours? Are you brushing your lashes daily? Are you cleaning your lashes at least once a week? Are you avoiding products with oils around your eyes? Are you getting fills soon enough? Are you sleeping on your back? If you answered yes! Great, your lashes should be lasting! If not, make sure you have no lash damage. No lash damage? It could be the glue, or maybe the lash artist!


If your lashes aren't lasting, I hope this quick read helped you figure out why! It's up to your Lash Artist to give you quality lashes, but its also up to you to maintain those beautiful lashes! Happy Lashing!

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